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Project Paradise 2 Launch Program Downloads
We offer you 2 launchers,
one is the "old" one which comes without DirectX Render,
is better for older systems.
And the new one with DirectX support for newer systems.
The new launcher comes in a different design than the "old" and has additional features that were not so possible in the old due to the software render, such as the mod browser.
Working wise is the same for both launchers.

The new one comes as Packed (no .net core installation needed, but bigger size of file)
and the Unpacked version (Requires even the installation of .net Core Desktop x86, but has smaller size)

📥 Download the Old Launcher

📥 Download the new Launcher (Packed) *¹

📥 Download the new launcher (Un-Packed) *¹

(*¹) The new launcher uses DirectX rendering, if you use map "crash fixes" you should not have the launcher in the game directory. Otherwise it will not start

We have noticed that more people connect with an Out Ofdate game, these connections are blocked! Make sure that you first check your game files and then set the connection.
Server Infos
Server State: TDU2 Server Online
Spezial Event: No Event
Maximum Players: 51
Server Version: 2.1.4 - DBG
Server Build: 11/24/2023 7:53:27 AM
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Online: 12
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Online: 3456 / 14705
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Kuxii88...  -  232:39
SergeuKy...  -  226:16
Rokas...  -  214:21
JandG...  -  31545.84 Km
Gazzy...  -  26358.27 Km
H8TR...  -  21653.5 Km
Looloo...  -  21154.89 Km
Rokas...  -  16500.57 Km
CarlRave...  -  16161.92 Km
Scooter...  -  15631.35 Km

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