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To install Project Paradise 2, begin by installing the game, regardless of whether it's the Steam version or the CD version. Once that's completed, download the launcher. Upon launching it, navigate to Settings and select the game. A dialog box will appear; within it, locate and choose the TestDrive2.exe file associated with the game. Following this, initiate the Gamefile Check to verify the installation and download any missing files. It's crucial to complete this step before considering any modding or unpacking tasks. Once verified, configure the connection settings, and your game will be ready to play. In case you encounter DirectX errors, resolve them by utilizing the DirectX Web Installer. Additionally, if you experience loading issues at startup, ensure that VCRedist is installed. It should typically be found in the Redist folder accompanying the game.


Project-Paradise 2 Rules

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Version: 2.2.9
Build: 07/01/2024 08:09:01
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