Project Paradise 2

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Rules Gameserver/Discordserver


 -No chat spamming/trolling.
 -No repeated ramming of other players.
 -Be respectful to each others.
 -Player with offensive/sexist names are not allowed.

2)Comunity Racing Center
 -Don't use offensive names.
 -8 Races running at the same time max. (per player)
 -Description should specify whether or not modded cars are allowed. If there is no requirement for vanilla cars, modded cars are allowed by standart.
 -Time freeze mods, speed hacks, tuning mods are forbidden, races that are created with any of these tools will be removed, and repeated action will result in ban.

 -No offensive names/description.
 -We ask you to not kick players for no reason, set your club to private instead.
 -Ranked Club Events should only be created with vanilla cars.

5)Ranked Events

Discord Server:

1)Before asking for help, read the install guide, the troubleshooting channel and the pinned messages in the help channel.
2)Check Pinned messages, and use the search and don't ask the same as most 100 people do before you, we have already written down the solution for all of it.
3)Go around normally we are all adults.
4)Trolling and spamming is not allowed.
5)The main language is to be kept in English.
6)No foreign advertising.
7)Do not tag anyone without good reason.
8)No hate about other projects/mods.
9)Keep conversations on topic.
10)Using mods in-game is allowed, as long as they don't restrict other players.

Usage of mods:

1)Mods are allowed
2)Modded cars should stay away from any form of competitive races and leaderboards
3)Vehicles, that cause game crashes for other players, are blocked by the server and must not be bypassed
4)Hacking tools are not in leaderboards or races (time freeze, teleporting tools, tank mods, etc.).
5)Casino and slots are only allowed without autoclicker.
6)CRC-Races should only be used in the described vehicle category (Vanilla only or mods allowed) If the race description doesn't specify what cars can be used, modded cars are allowed.
7)Players may choose their own playstyle, if however the game server gets affected negatively, it can lead to a ban.
8)Other launchers are NOT allowed, if that's the case, certain priviliges will be removed (lobby/race hosting)

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.1.8
Build: 2/4/2024 7:48:41 PM

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 8

Maximal Online: 54

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Online: 2535 / 15806