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Project Paradise 2 was originally conceived post the split from TDU World, primarily tailored for our circle of friends. The separation arose due to incompatibilities and differences with other team members. However, as we gradually reintegrated more features, the notion of expanding the project's reach emerged. Eventually, it grew to such an extent that it was made fully accessible to the public and is now recognized as Project Paradise 2. Nevertheless, we're far from done. Like any endeavor, we've encountered our fair share of challenges, particularly concerning server stability. Nonetheless, we take pride in affirming that our service runs reliably. We're continuously committed to enhancing and expanding the server to provide our users with the best possible experience. Just this year, we've addressed a series of issues and bugs, further elevating the quality of our offering.


Why Project Paradise 2?

Well, firstly, we have a large active player base (mostly EU players). Additionally, we allow modded cars (as long as they are not used to negatively affect other players or in official list games). Vanilla players still hold the highest priority with us


What features does Project Paradise 2 offer?

Well, there's Freeroaming, Police mode, Co-Driving. Player-hosted races, the Community Racing Center, clubs. Weather, TDUMylive, Player Photos, Stats, along with a Friends List and parts of the casino, as well as Houseinviting to throw parties with friends.

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.2.5
Build: 05/22/2024 08:09:23

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 9

Maximal Online: 85

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Online: 3408 / 16191