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Welcome to Project Paradise 2

Project Paradise 2 is the ultimate online multiplayer service for Test Drive Unlimited 2.
After Atari shut down the official servers, we couldn't let this iconic game fade into oblivion.
That's why we created Project Paradise 2, to bring back the magic and fun of TDU2.

Our goal is to recreate the gaming experience as authentically as possible. Therefore, we have meticulously rebuilt the server to match the original.
But that's not all: we have also integrated some of our own improvements and additions to offer you an even richer and more exciting gaming experience.
What We Offer:

Authentic Servers: Our server is meticulously modeled after the original Test Drive Unlimited 2 server, ensuring the gameplay feels as close to the original experience as possible.
Exclusive Content: In addition to the authentic replication, we offer exclusive content and features available only on Project Paradise 2. This means you not only get the classic experience but also exciting new possibilities.
Active Community: Join a vibrant and passionate community of players. Exchange tips, organize races, and embark on adventures together.

Participation Requirements:

Game Ownership: Anyone who owns Test Drive Unlimited 2 can participate in our service.
Updating and Activation: Ensure your game is up to date and successfully activated.
Flexibility: It doesn't matter if you come with an old Atari save game or start the game from scratch. Everyone is welcome here!
With Project Paradise 2, we aim not only to revive the glory days of Test Drive Unlimited 2 but also to set new standards and elevate the gaming experience to the next level.
Come and experience the freedom of the open road, the thrill of racing, and the camaraderie of online players – just as it was meant to be.
We look forward to seeing you on our roads!


Why Project Paradise 2?

Project Paradise 2 offers a stable and reliable online platform for Test Drive Unlimited 2. With effective anti-cheat measures, stable multiplayer lobbies, dynamic weather, and the ability to create custom races, it delivers an authentic and enhanced gaming experience that appeals to both longtime fans and new players alike.


What features does Project Paradise 2 offer?

Stable Lobby System, Weather and Time System, Community Racing Center, Player Races (Ranked/Unranked), Player Clubs, Many Social Funktions.

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.2.9
Build: 07/01/2024 08:09:01
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Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 5

Maximal Online: 51

Server Overview

Playerprofile: 15394
Running CRC Races: 0
Uploadet CRC Races: 195
Created Clubs: 1234