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New Launcher

Download of the new launcher (WPF-based). This launcher comes with a mod browser and downloader, available in two versions: Packet = .NET Core included, does not require installation, Unpacket = .NET Core not included, requires installation by the user. Attention: If you use a map fix, the launcher will not start if it's in the same directory. Move it outside, and it will function normally.
🔻Download the new Launcher (Packed)
🔻Download the new Launcher (Un-Packed)


Old Launcher

Download the old launcher (WinForms-based). The launcher is no longer actively updated, Generally, it's recommended to use the new launcher.
🔻Download the Old Launcher (Packed)
🔻Download the Old Launcher (Un-Packed)

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.2.5
Build: 05/22/2024 08:09:23

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 10

Maximal Online: 85

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Online: 3566 / 16191