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New Launcher

Download of the new launcher (WPF-based). This launcher comes with a mod browser and downloader, available in two versions: Packet = .NET Core included, does not require installation, Unpacket = .NET Core not included, requires installation by the user. Attention: If you use a map fix, the launcher will not start if it's in the same directory. Move it outside, and it will function normally.
🔻Download the new Launcher (Packed)
🔻Download the new Launcher (Un-Packed)


Old Launcher

Download the old launcher (WinForms-based). The launcher is no longer actively updated, and may have issues with game selection on some systems (in which case, the new one should be used). Generally, it's recommended to use the new launcher.
🔻Download the Old Launcher

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.1.8
Build: 2/4/2024 7:48:41 PM

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 8

Maximal Online: 4

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Online: 2535 / 15806