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Project Paradise 2 is an impressive multiplayer modification for the racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. This modification was developed to give players the ability to play together in an online environment again, after the official servers for the game were shut down. The developers of Project Paradise 2 are continuously working to improve and expand the modification. Currently, the mod is not fully complete, but many essential functions and parts of the game are already operational. This allows players to dive back into the expansive open worlds of Test Drive Unlimited 2, participate in races, or simply explore the virtual landscape together. To use Project Paradise 2, you need a legitimate copy of the game. Both the Steam version and the disc version are compatible, so it doesn't matter which one you have. The important thing is that the game is properly installed so the modification can function correctly. Installing Project Paradise 2 is relatively straightforward and well-documented. Once installed, you can connect to the server and enjoy the revived multiplayer experience. It's a fantastic way for fans of the game to rejoin the community and make the roads lively again.


Why Project Paradise 2?

Well, firstly, we have a large active player base (mostly EU players). Additionally, we allow modded cars (as long as they are not used to negatively affect other players or in official list games). Vanilla players still hold the highest priority with us


What features does Project Paradise 2 offer?

Well, there's Freeroaming, Police mode, Co-Driving. Player-hosted races, the Community Racing Center, clubs. Weather, TDUMylive, Player Photos, Stats, along with a Friends List and parts of the casino, as well as Houseinviting to throw parties with friends.

Server Infos

Status: TDU2 Server Online
Version: 2.2.8
Build: 06/16/2024 07:59:10
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Test Drive Unlimited 2

Currently playing: 11

Maximal Online: 51

Server Overview

Playerprofile: 15089
Running CRC Races: 9
Uploadet CRC Races: 147
Created Clubs: 1206